I’m not sure what I should consider myself to be…a professional or an enthusiast. I work in a bakery as a cake decorator (where the “professional” could be used??), and as much as I LOVE IT, I don’t get to do much baking at my job (thus the “enthusiast” comes in to play, preceded by “baking”).

I do, however, very much enjoy baking, but I find myself always trying to focus on a visual aspect of my baking projects, and I often don’t focus so much on the actual baking part; all the techniques, similarities between recipes, etc.

SO! I’m going to take on a project. A pretty big one. I’m going to “bake my way through Europe!” I’m going to attempt to bake one traditional baked good from each country in Europe, with the hope that I will learn more about baking, as well as learn a bit about each country! This project is going to take me a while, given the number of countries in Europe, but I’m really excited about it, and hopefully I won’t lose motivation halfway through!

I’ve already plotted out my “trip” and done some research about each country, as well as asked natives, and friends who have connections to various European countries for suggestions and recipes. BUT if you are from Europe somewhere, and I haven’t done your country yet, feel free to chime in if there’s something you think I should try!

Here is a map of where my trip will go, starting in Spain:
(I forgot Cyprus when I plotted my expedition, so that will probably show up somewhere around Greece and Turkey…once I actually get to that part of my project!)

Note: I’m leaving out Andorra, Greenland and Iceland. (SORRY!!) Andorra, because it is so tiny and doesn’t have much in the way of traditional baked goods specific to itself, and Iceland and Greenland, because I read that those places didn’t have easy access to flour until semi-recently in history, so they also don’t many old timey baked goods. HOWEVER, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!