Belgium: Mattentaart

Moving on from France, we come to Belgium!

The Mattentaart (or alternatively Maton Tarte or Tarte au maton) was suggested to me by two Belgian people, and I consider that a good enough reason to attempt it! I’m not convinced I did it right, but it still tasted lovely!…Even though, traditionally, the mattentaart apparently can’t be considered a real mattentaart unless it’s made with ingredients (particularly milk??) from Belgium. Obviously, none of my ingredients were from Belgium, since I live in the Midwest, so  that’s probably why it didn’t work out perfectly. The Curse of Unauthentic Ingredients or something…


A Mattentaart, from what I gather, comes in either small individual tarts or as a larger tart, like the size of a pie. I didn’t have proper small tart tins, but I did have a large tart tin, so I made a large one! But I still had some left over ingredients, so I dug around and found two very small little tart tin thingies, and made some mini mattentaarts with the left overs.


They are puff pastry crust, filled with an egg and curd filling, often with almonds of almond flavoring in it. I sort of ended up following two different recipes to make this, as well as consulting a few others for clarification, but ironically, that probably just made it more confusing for myself, and probably why they didn’t turn out exactly like they were probably supposed to! The recipe I originally decided to use, had been translated to English by the blogger, so I thought “That means its authentic!!” Well…I think it was indeed authentic, but the measurements for the curd filling didn’t quite match what other recipes said…so I ended up using the first recipe I found, supplemented by one or two others, and going with the “average” of what all the recipes said. Ha!


I didn’t quite like this puff pastry recipe as much as I did the one from the Pastel de Nata from Portugal, however, this one was quicker, and still tasted nice. It just wasn’t quite as light and fluffy.

The other thing that I think was wrong about my Mattentaart, was that I missed the step of beating the filling in a food processor, or beating it thoroughly before adding the egg whites… (the first recipe was a little vague on that step, and I didn’t consult the other recipe either…which would have told me to beat it together more than what I did!) I think the filling is supposed to be smoother, or at least an even batter, but since I did not beat it together very thoroughly, there were still some curds left in the filling after it baked.

I also wonder if processing the filling would have helped it fluff up more? If anyone has ever made this before and could lend some wisdom, I’d be happy to hear it! 🙂

My curds! 
Mixing in the egg whites. Yes…I know I’m a messy cook. It is one of my biggest struggles at my job!
I wasn’t sure how exactly to attach the bottom crust to the top layer, and I think I would do it slightly differently if I make this again.


Fresh from the oven!


Let’s try it!! 


All in all, I did really like it, it had a really nice, sweet almondy flavor, and would work nicely as a dessert or just a snack at any point in time! 🙂 Even though I dont think I did the filling quite right, It was still delicious! I think next time I might also try bake it a little longer, just to let it get a bit more browned on the outside!

Since I used multiple recipes for this one, I won’t copy any of them into this post since that could get confusing. So I’ll just paste links, and if you would like to try this too, you can decide which one you’d rather use!


So >>THIS LINK RIGHT HERE<< leads to the main recipe I followed, which I found had different ingredient amounts, compared to others, particularly in making the curds…

>>THIS LINK<< leads to the other recipe I used to back up the first one. A pretty solid recipe on it’s own.


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  1. I love learning about desserts from different countries! Very neat concept 🙂


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